The two of us have been friends for what feels like forever. We worked together for many years, and love the fact that we now stay home and our 5 children are growing up together.  Our days…and nights… are CRAZY but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We both have a passion for anything creative and have always enjoyed photography. Well, when you combine creative mommies, their beautiful babies and a camera…things get dangerous.  With 6 years of intense “mom-ography” experience we decided it was time to get serious about our passion.  Every moment of our education, growth and preparation has been so enjoyable for us. We are thrilled to roll out Stella & Calypso together.  We pride ourselves in seeing beauty in the little moments and capturing it with our cameras to cherish forever.


Where did STELLA & CALYPSO come from?

Funny you should ask…

This may be a little unexpected but we used to work together as marine mammal trainers.  Between the two of us we have 23 years of animal training experience and have had the privilege of caring for some of the most amazing animals in the world. It’s been a tough life…starting out in our dream careers, getting promoted to stay at home mommies and now running our own business photographing beautiful people and their families   In our work place the two of us were inseparable.  We had many nick names over the years (Frick and Frack, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum) but our favorite was Stella & Calypso.  These were two very spirited dolphins that insisted on doing things their own way.  The two girls were always together playing, exploring, and socializing.  For some reason, which we still don’t quite understand ;), the name stuck with us.   As we embarked on this new adventure, we felt it was fitting to pay tribute to the career that brought us together.